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2. My house, my flat

2. My house, my flat

Modal verbs

Do you live in village or in a city? Do you live in a block of flats or do you have your own house?
Describe to us the house or apartment you live in.
Which of these would be your ideal place to live and why?

Modal verbs
What do you know about modal verbs?

Try to find modal verbs in these sentences:
I´ m amazed that you can speak six languages fluently.
I could meet you tomorrow afternoon if you´ re free.
You must be at the airport two hours before take-off.
You may leave the room if you want to.

Read these sentences carefully:

I must buy a new diary.
I really should phone my sister.
I have to be at meeting at 6.30.
I have to write a composition by tomorrow.

Which of the words in italic suggest that:
you have no choice?
you may or may not do this?

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