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5. Leisure time activities

5. Leisure time activities

Verb patterns (slovesné vzory)

Have you got a lot of free time?
Which hobbies are useful for your future job?
Which are the most common hobbies?

Verb patterns

Are these verbs followed by the infinitive or -ing form?
enjoy, like, try, want, decide, start, begin, manage

Read the text and try to find some verbs following by infinitives or -ing forms:
Don't look down
I have always enjoyed walking. When I was a boy, I used to go walking at weekends with my father. We went camping and climbing together. I try to visit a new place every year. Last year I decided to walk a path in Spain called El Camino del Rey, which means the King's Way. It is one of the most highest and most dangerous footpaths in Europe. It used to be very safe, but now it is falling down.
I took a train to the village of El Chorro and started to walk towards the mountains. I was very excited. Then the adventure began.
The path was about three feet wide and there were holes in it. It used to have a handrail, but not any more. I didn't know what to do / should I go on my hands and knees, or stand up? I decided to stand up and walk slowly.

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