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23. The United States of America

23. The United States of America

Imperative and infinitive

How many states does the USA consist of?
What is the geographic location of the USA?
What you can say about history?
Which important cities in the USA do you know?
Do you know any of the national park?

Infinitive and imperative
the infinitive form of the verbs
How we can make imperative in English?

Posaďte se.
Pojďme plavat.
Buďte zticha, prosím.

Read the text and try to find the imperative forms of the verbs:
Discover Dubrovnik
The historic city of Dubrovnik is on Croatia's magnificent Adriatic coast. Go sightseeing around the old city walls and look at the five castles. Walk through the wonderful streets and squares of the Old Town and visit the museums. Enjoy a delicious fish meal or just sit and relax in street café.

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