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The English language

1) Development of English
2) Origins of some English words
3) Influence of English on the other languages
4) British vs. American English
    About 3000 B.C. Indo-Europeans moved to entire world. The branch, which moved to Britain, was Celts. The Celts lived alone in the Britain for over 2000 years. Julius Caesar came and he brought new language. Latin. Romans lived in England and Celts lived in Scotland and in Wales and only few words they took over. The Romans left in 410 A.D. and forty years later a new group of people came. They were Anglo-Saxons. The language they brought was the Old English. Latin appeared again in 597 A.D. when St. Augustine brought Christianity to Britain. This time many of Latin words entered Old English.
    The invasion started and between 750 and 1050 the Vikings began to attack Britain. From their language the Old Norse the English took over some words. The most important event in the British history is the Battle of Hastings in 1066, when William the Conqueror attacked the islands. After this French words were important part of the English language. People divided into two parts. French speaking were rich and English speaking were the other.
    In the next 200 years the English absorbed all new words and changed to the Middle English. In the next century were printed Canterbury Tales. That was very important, because it fixed the grammar and spelling. English was the strong language.
    During the Elizabethan age the English spread into the New World (1620). But it wasn’t all. Famous explorer James Cook took the language to Australia. It was the land of the criminals. In the age of Victoria Britain became an important world power and so the language was growing and changing internationally.
Anglo-Saxon – Man, woman, breed, work, eat, house, shire
Latin – school, minister, pope, verse, candle, mass
Old Norse – sky, leg, call, take, Whitby
French – sovereign, court, govern, advice
Latin and Greek – physics, radius, history, architecture, educate, compute
Worldwide – robot, telephone, video, tea
    The English language is one of the most spoken languages in the world that means that the English language has a big influence on the other languages. It shows the direction of the development of the other languages. The other languages also take over many words from the English. It is the language, which is used in the entire world as the language for the international communication.
    Between the British and the American English are many differences. The main differences are in the spelling, grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.

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