Hledejte v chronologicky řazené databázi studijních materiálů (starší / novější příspěvky).


1)    Various reasons for travelling (past vs. present)
2)    Means of transport – land , air, water
3)    Advantages and disadvantages of each one
4)    Quality of public transport
5)    Development of modern transport
6)    Reasons why tourists come to our country – places of interest 
    People travel in order to reach places that are far away; maybe they travel for fun or from necessity. Travelling takes up more time in our live than we can imagine. Everyday we travel to school, to work, to go shopping or visiting friends.  
In the past travelling had similar cause to now days. People in the past wanted to go somewhere or move something somewhere. But the kinds of transport were not as much advanced and colourful as now days.
    In the present there are two main means of transport. It is our mean of transport or public transportation services. People can transport goods or themselves by land, air or by water. 
    The main fact that speaks for water transport are small costs. That’s why the rivers, seas and oceans are filled with cargos and passengers vessels. The advantage is that you can take as much luggage as you want to take. Not many people have the courage to board on the ship because they can become seasick.
    Going by air consumes huge sums of money but it is the fastest and very comfortable. The air transportation system is strictly dependent on the timetable. At the airport we go through the passport control then security checks our luggage, then we board the plane and wait until the plane take off. When we are lucky our flight is cancelled or postponed.
    Travelling on the land is very variable. Cars and motorbikes are expensive to purchase and you have to pay for the petrol, which costs a lot of money too. The advantage of the cars is that it can take you almost anywhere in any time. Modern cars have a lot of space for luggage and seats are so soft that sometimes it is more comfortable than go on a plane. For use the car you have to have a driving license so you have to know Highway Code. The Highway Code is different in Britain and in the USA where people drive on the left.
    In the huge cities is more advantageous to use public transport. Public transport is cheaper, but it is less comfortable. The network of the bus and railway stations covers most inhabited places. An ordinary railway station looks like this: Big hall with ticket office, where you can buy a ticket (single, return or the seat reservation), board with departures and arrivals, a left luggage office or lockers, telephones, restaurant and under passage directly to the platform. You can get in the train and find the place to sit down. If it’s all occupied you have to stay or find a seat on the stairs. During the journey you can play cards, talk with other passengers or sleep. During the journey the conductor comes to check the tickets. In the Britain there are no conductors and you hand over your ticket to a ticket controller before leaving the platform. 
    In big cities we can use underground to transport. It is very advantageous, because if you go by bus you can get to the traffic jam. But in the underground there is nothing like this
    The technique is changing constantly and transport too. The factories try to make cars which are more comfortable and safe than ever in the pass. Now days the cars have the main computer which monitors everything form your seat belts, doors and it also has the GPS system which can navigate you.
    If you fly a plane you only programme the autopilot and then you can only the functions. The planes are able to land without the intervention of human being. But planes are too old and in soon future we will travel in the space. The first space tourist has already been sent. But this kind of transport is maybe the most expensive in the world.
    Our country is one of the most visited countries in the Europe. We have colourful history and our capital and others cities are beautiful. Tourists come to sea that part of history that they don’t have in their country, E.g. the Americans. They say that we have cheap beer and beautiful women. Some of the foreigners come to see our history and places of interest. 

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