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Sports and Games

1)    The Olympic games
2)    Types of sport
3)    Popular sports (GB, USA, Czech), Professional Sport
4)    Sports harmful to your health
5)    My favourite sport

    The Olympic games are international athletic competition held every four-year in different countries in the world. The Olympic games were already held in ancient Greece and they were renewed by Baron Pierre de Coubertain about hundred years ago. Since 1924 there are two parts, the winter part and the summer part, which alternate once every two years.
    Sport can be divided form many points of view. Basic division is into the indoor and outdoor sports. Indoor sport can be gymnastics, boxing, wrestling, etc…Outdoor sports are e.g. skiing (cross country, downhill, slalom, ski jump), rock climbing, horse riding, golf, windsurfing, etc…. Many sports can be practiced indoor and outdoor too. (e.g. football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, swimming, etc…)
    Other divisions are winter/summer sports, professional/non-professional, individual/group sport, etc…
    The most numerous group if games are the ball games. Here is comparison what kinds of games are popular around world.
    The British are great lovers of competitive sports, and they are neither playing nor watching, they like to talk about it. England was the first home of modern games. The most widespread is football. In England there are many reputable football clubs such as Manchester United, Arsenal or Aston Villa) and in London there is one of the biggest football stadiums at the world – Wembley Arena. In the USA is football called soccer. Rugby football is also very popular. In this game the ball is oval. National game in Scotland is golf and in England is the national sport cricket. Next to football the chief spectator is horseracing. The best-known steeplechase is the Great National run at Aintree near Liverpool. Another popular sport is tennis. Every year is held one of the most prestige tournaments in the world the Wimbledon.
    In the USA most sports and games were commercionalized. The most popular sports are football, which is different (they play with oval ball), baseball, ice-hockey and basketball.
The succeed sportsmen earn lot of money.
    In our country are the most popular ball games. Ice hockey is very important because it is on the very high level. We produce many sportsmen who achieved the international success.
    The sport is also good method how to earn money and these are not small amounts, as we know. If is the sportsman reaches the highest level the club could sell him for huge amounts.


    To practise any sport is very good for our health. In the time of the haste our body have to relax and the sport is good way. It is also the way to keep us in the condition and it is better than e.g. slimming diet.
    My favourite sport is ice hockey. I’ d like to tell something about the ice hockey. Here are some rules. The goal of this game is to get the puck into the rival’s gate. There are six players on the ice, one goalkeeper and five more players. The playing time is three times twenty minutes. If the winner is unknown after regular playing time there are another 20 minutes the first goal is decisive. If the winner is unknown after this time then there raids.
Here are some things that are disallowed. Icing is when the player is the rival’s half before the puck. Another is for example “two line pass “. That means that player can’t pass the puck over two lines. There are also some fouls. Hooking, elbowing, play with high hockey stick are punished with exclude form the play for some time, as a rule for 2 minutes a more.

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