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Weather, time, seasons

Weather is a good conversational topic, very popular in the Britain, because it is impersonal. Britain has mostly mild and moderate climate. Winters are not so cold and summers are not so hot. The climate can change form minute to minute.
    West coast of USA has warm climate and the most of year is sunny. The coast is influenced by the Pacific Ocean climate. East coast has moderate climate influenced by the Atlantic Ocean.
    The Czech Republic has a moderate continental climate. The year is divided into four parts spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season has about three months and has it own beauty.
    Spring begins on 21st March, which is also a day of a spring equinox. The days get longer and the night is shorter. Spring and summer are the most beautiful seasons of the year. Nature wakes up after the winter and people fall in love and we have summer holiday. The weather in spring especially in April is unpredictable and very changeable. The temperatures usually fluctuate around the zero at night and during the day it can rise above the zero and sometimes up to ten degrees. It is the time of many rainfalls, but if it clears up the air is fresh and people enjoy good weather.
    Summer begins on 21st June, a day of a summer solstice and the day is longest in the year. People are more interested in weather, because they set out on journeys and plan their holidays. The temperatures rise above 25 °C. Early in the morning the sky is bright and clear and no wind blows. If the rain comes it is usually in a form of storm or shower. The storm is followed with the thunder, lightning and heavy downpour. Every man who stands out is wet to the skin. It is very dangerous to stand under the trees, because when the lightning hit it, it may wound you. Sometimes when the sun is shining during the shower, there is a rainbow after it. Summer is also the time of for strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and cranberries and it is a time of the harvest of corn.
    At the beginning of the September exactly on 23rd September the summer is over. This is also a day of autumn equinox. The nights are longer and days get shorter. It is a time of harvest. We pick apples, pears and plumbs and we are gathering potatoes. The trees and grass are changing. The stalks go yellow and gets dry. The leaves go yellow, brown and fall. It is a time of mushrooming. Birds set off the journey to the south. The days are cloudy and it often rains. Temperatures drop down, the weather is gloomy, rainy and it goes chilly. The mornings are sometimes foggy. Also the behaviour of people is changing. They are irritable and it is a time of many diseases.
    Winter comes on 21st December, the day of winter equinox. The night is longest in the year. Typical winter weather brings snowfalls. The view from the top of the mountain down to the valley on the white trees is absolutely wonderful. The temperatures sometimes drop 20 degrees below the freezing point. The roads become icy and slippery and it is very dangerous to go by car.
    During the last fifty years the have temperatures and climate changed a lot. The winters in the moderate climate belt are warmer and summers are colder. The places with the highest points of rainfalls became wetter and the driest places become more and drier. Man is only being who is responsible for all of this. The main cause is pollution and greenhouse effect. Thanks to that the average earth temperature has risen about 0,6 °C during last fifty years.

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