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Entertainment and culture

Man was not created only to work, but also to have cultural life. The cultural is very important to spend free time with our friends. For my generation it is absolutely unthought-of that people aren’t in the closer connection with some kind of modern culture.
    The cultural life in our city is very rich and it depends on each other what a man decide to do.
    We have many cinemas here, but everywhere they play the same films, usually the new films and the older, but too successful films. You can see everything from the animated films from Disney to the romantic films, sci-fi, thrillers and horrors. The view is perfect and in the age of computers Dolby Surround sound makes the film magnificent spectacle. In the combination with the popcorn and Coke, the visiting cinema is absolutely perfect experience. But for all these the spectator has to pay usually high entrance-fee. Maybe that is the reason why people don’t visit the cinema so often  as in the past. But in compare to the theatre spectacle or some concert is the entrance fee to the cinema acceptable.
    The theatre is other possible way, how to spend free time in a society. We have in our city many famous theatres, which supply people with many interesting spectacles. In compare to the cinemas to eat the popcorn or some other meal is the top of the bad manners. During the performances there are breaks, in which you can buy some refreshment. Also the places to sit are divided by the price. The most expensive is to sit in the boxes and the cheapest is to stand up at the gallery. I prefer the most the box. If I pay for the theatre spectacle I want to have as much as possible from it. There is the best view and no one disturbs you.
    In the theatres are played all famous plays from the national or from the world’s authors. E.g. Mozart, Beethoven, Verdi, Smetana, Dvroak, Handel…Last time is very popular musical.
    The most famous is an American musical, which inspired the authors all around the world. Actually the musical started at the end of 18th century, but the biggest appreciation the musical reached after the WWII.  The world’s most famous composers are Leonard Bernstein – West Side Story, Stephen Sondheim, who wrote the lyrics for West Side Story, Hair and Andrew Lloyd Weber – Evita, The Phantom of the Opera, The Cats.
For the occasion of the rapid development of this form was opened the theatre Broadway, which is the one of the world’s most famous scenes. In the Czech Republic is musical very young form and many famous pieces are still waiting to come. The musicals that were interpreted by the Czechs are Jesus Christ Superstar, Dracula and Count Monte Christo.
    If you prefer other kind of the cultural events you can go dancing, which I like very much. The best place, where to go dancing is Lucerna or The National House. To visit some concert of the pop group is good too, but is more expensive than all these.
        If you don’t want to spend your money you can just switch on your television and watch, but it is wasting time for me. TV gets only stupid novels or old series. None modern creation is supported. If unnamed TV station creates some its programme it is a sign of desperation and not something good. On the other hand TV can be very dangerous, mostly for children. They believe it and it could negatively influence their attitude to the other people.
    Rather than this I like to listen to the radio. Music can make you calm. Even you can read some book with following the music. I don’t read too much so I can’t judge it. But to read the good book is well used free time. If I had more free time I would maybe read much more than now.

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