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1) Introduction
2) Differences between The American, The British and The Czech lifestyle (environment, people)
3) Different values of people in USA, Britain and Czech Republic 
    What is lifestyle? Lifestyle is our attitude to the life, to the work, to the friends and at least to the whole society. Each nationality has its own lifestyle. For example the Englishman is closed and conservative and never share his feelings with his environment. The Americans are very friendly, but they live to work not work to live. In this theme I’d like to compare British, American and Czech lifestyle.  
The Americans
-The spirit of adventure
-Self-made man
    When you come to America, e.g. to New York you will see cosmopolitan city. Everything is on the top and everything is very fast. It is enough to look at the shops. The most of them are opened non-stop, but it is not so special, because in Czech Republic some shops are opened non-stop too. People in the USA are very friendly, opened and kind much more than Englishmen. The exceptions are taxi drivers in the USA. They never speak to the customer and they don’t know every place in New York. If you want to go somewhere that they don’t know they are not very happy. If you look at the structure of the city you will find out that the different nationalities live there separated.   
    The Americans have many specialities. For example, they wear shoes at home. They love telephoning and also shopping. Their passion is also eating out in restaurant. They are vary proud of their nation
    To make friend is not a big problem in the USA, but Americans often forget on them.
The British
-My house is my castle
-Keep himself to himself
-To follow one’s tradition
    Britain is absolutely different. The city is more conservative. People live in the small houses and everything is smaller than in the USA. The city is a mixture of nationalities, which live together. Englishman is not very opened. They don’t share their feelings with the environment. If you ask someone in the Britain: “How are you?” they certainly answer something like this: “Thanks, I am fine.” To make some friends is very difficult. But taxi drivers are very kind and they speak to their customers the whole journey. They speak about everything.
    English national passion is queuing, they love to stay in the queue and speak with friends. They are also famous for their tea mania. They can have tea anywhere and anytime. Another speciality is their clothes, which they wear during the Sunday. They wear waste, but comfortable clothes. English are also known for their telling the truth. If Englishman doesn’t know what to say they speak about weather.
The Czech (Continental people)
On the continent people have good food and in England people have good table manners.
Continental people have sex, but the Englishman has hot-bottles or electrical blankets.  
    The Americans have different values than people in Europe. They have shorter public holidays. The Americans live to work not work to live. For British is more important their family, friends, pets, free time (holidays)

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