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My family and friends

My family consists of four members, one of them am I. My father is engineer. He works very hard and he is usually at work. I see him only in the evenings. He is middle figure, relatively slim. He has almost no hair. He has brown eyes and big nose, which creates his features. My mother is an accountant. She is smaller than my father. She has short blond hair. She has green-blue eyes and small nose. She is very careful. My brother is younger than me. He is also smaller than me. He is interested in football, which I don’t enjoy. He has short brown hair and brown eyes. My family doesn’t understand me. They try to compare me with my friends and I am fed up with it. I find all understanding with my friends.
    One of my best friends is George Beran. We understand each other very good, because we are thinking very similar; we have similar hobbies and interests. First I met him eight years ago, when this school was opening. He is middle figure as tall as me. He is fatter than me. He has brown hair and circular face. He has brown eyes and wide mouth. He keeps smiling. He is intelligent, very friendly and doesn’t damage any fun. When we go to pub with his he is very funny when he is drunk. Once he fell    form the stairs and he destroyed his mobile phone. Now he has changed, he doesn’t drink anymore. He doesn’t smoke anymore, but he wasn’t addicted on the smoking. He took a cigarette from time to time, usually in the pub.
    He is very lazy about the school and sometimes loses in the subject matter and I have to help him, but that’s the friends do. They help each other. He sometimes works as his father’s assistant, but I think he does it only for money. 
    He very enjoys the sport. He doesn’t practice any sport on the professional level, but he likes watching the sport in the television and he also bets on the sport. Sometimes he has the luck and win, but not often. He goes to the football matches with my other very good friend, Igor. He likes watching TV in general, but rather he watches DVD films.
    We have also similar problems about the family. He has the same problem with his grandmother as I have with my mother. We don’t like very careful parents. That’s the cause of many conflicts.
    We have also very similar hobby. We are both interested in the computer world and we are both programme writers. We both enjoy modern communication technologies like internet.
    George is a very good friend and everyone who knows him have to have the same opinion as I’ve got. I hope that our friendship will never pass.

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