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Health, care, keeping fit

Everybody in this country has the right to choose a doctor. Many people attend at the family doctor. In the present time here are two types of medical facilities, the state and the private ones. Our system of insurance provides the standard medical care, when you pay periodical fees, which are monthly plucked down from salary. You have the right to choose your own insurance company and you can change it. This insurance company pays the standard medial care. Any other care you have to pay on your own expense. You also have to pay for the private doctor.
    Medical care is provided for our citizens from birth to death. Each of us is looked after even before the birth. Mother attends periodically at the medical check ups. After the childbearing each child is vaccinated against tuberculosis, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio and later smallpox.
    Every school child is under medical supervision. That means every child has to undergo series of dental, optic and acoustic tests. As children we can go through child diseases like measles, mumps, rubeola and chicken-pox. Then we don’t have to visit a doctor so often. We can get over cold by staying in the bed and drinking herbal tea and taking the pills. Sometimes is better to go to doctor, because we can make disease worse and we risk our health. If we decide to go to doctor he usually asks us what the trouble is, he examines our chest and throat and he usually wants to know if we have a temperature. He listens to our lungs and heart and he wants to see our tonsils if they are red or not. Finally the doctor appoints the diagnosis and prescribes a medicine. Usually it is not a heavy disease.
At the pharmacy we get our antibiotics and that’s it. We are at home for a week or two and the life goes on. Sometimes when it’s necessary, doctor can come to visit us at home or we can call an ambulance which takes us to hospital. The number is 155.
    Diseases are mainly caused by bad way of life. People shouldn’t eat rich meal, mainly in the old age, because it is a main cause of heart attack. People should pull off the provision of the fat and they should sport. The sport is the best way to keep us fit and it is better than any slimming diet or pills against the overweight. Very important is keeping the time when we eat. If we eat irregularly we can create ourselves gastric ulcers. The sleeping is other important thing which influences our health. Human body calls for about 8 hours of sleep a day. Our civilization lives in haste so we save the time whenever it’s possible. Unfortunately we often sleep less and less and it’s not good for our metabolism.
    Our civilisation was suffering from many diseases in the past. There were the plague epidemics, tonsillitis and our diseases follow our lives even today.  The most malignant disease of 20th and 21st century is the cancer advanced in many forms. Another incurable civilization disease is AIDS. People don’t die of AIDS, but this virus destroys the immunity
of organism and man dies of some curable disease like tonsillitis.
    We are not satisfied with ourselves and we create stupid addictions like smoking or drug abusing. This only supports our civilization diseases and we degenerate.

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