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Ernest Miller Hemingway

He was the American novelist and short story writer. His writing and personal life influenced many writers of his time. He was born in Oak Park on 21st July 1899. His father was a doctor and her mother was a painter. He attended the elementary and local high school at the Oak Park. He was a very good student and he enjoyed studying English very much. After the school he wrote articles for the Kansas City Star, but he left the job within a few months and became an ambulance driver in Italy during the World War I. He was only 18 years old. He was transferred to the Italian infantry, where he was seriously wounded. After the war he stayed as a correspondent for the Toronto Star in Paris. There he met Gertrude Stein, who called his generation The Lost Generation. But they weren’t the literary group; they have only the same style of writing. During the Spanish Civil war he stayed there as a newspaper correspondent. In the Second World War he was a correspondent too and later he became the reporter for the United States First Army. After the war he settled near Havana, but the Cuban revolution forced him to return to the USA. In 1954 he was given the Nobel Prize for Literature.
    His adventurous life brought him close to death several times. (In Spain when shells burst in his room, in WWII he was struck by the taxi and in 1954 when his plane crashed in Africa) He died in Idaho on July 2, 1961 when he committed suicide with gunshot.

    Hemingway depicted lives of two types of people. The first consisted of the man and woman deprived of faith in moral values in which they believed. The second type is a simple character and primitive emotions, such as prize-fighters. He practiced the iceberg theory. In the book is only one tenth of the fact, the reader would think about the rest. The same way as you can see the iceberg. The earliest work contains the collections of the short stories, such as Men without woman or Winner takes nothing – story The Killers, in which two Roman soldiers discuss the crucifixion over wine. The novel which established his reputation was The Sun also rises. His second important novel was A Farewell to Arms.
    Other way of his elaboration was about the social problems. The most important novel is For Whom the Bell Tolls, which is based on the experiences of the Spanish Civil war. This novel became the best-seller.

The old man and the sea

    The story takes place in Cuba in a very small village. The main character is Santiago, a fisherman. He used to be a very successful fisherman, but for a long time he hasn’t caught anything. He was very upset and he was desperate about it. He wanted to prove himself that he was still a man.
    He decided to go off the sea. He went considerably far away from the coast on the place where he would catch a big fish. After few days of sailing he captured the fish. It was a great, beautiful fish. He managed to catch it, but he was too tired and exhausted to take it into the boat. The fish was wounded and it decoyed the sharks. They started to eat it as it was hanging over the deck. Santiago tried to intimidate them, but he was helpless. He considered the fish as a human and he loved it, but sharks were still there. When he came to the shipyard there was only the skeleton of the fish. The sharks ate it all.

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