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1)    My family live
2)    My room
3)    Housing in UK and USA
4)    Housework
5)    What is important in a home, Should I live with my family

My family live in a flat at suburbs. We have 3+1 flat with balcony. We live in the 12th floor. It is very good because I have good view from here Because of my and my brother interests we have each its own room, which we share with one of parents. Our family situation is not very good. My parents have many argues. I’m fed up with this life. They should divorce. My father arrives home in the evening and my mother sometimes too, but not often.
I don’t talk to them if it’s not quite necessary. It is fucking life here. Sometimes I like to get out from here.

    I share my room with my father, but he is not at home a lot of time. My room is the technical centre of our flat, because I’ve got a computer there. Table with PC is under the window. Perpendicular on the PC table is another table, which I use for learning and other things. On the second table is my printer. My bed is next to the PC table, under the window too. If you enter the room on the right side is bed of my father. Next to the bad there is secretary. TV is hanging on the wall in front of my bed. Above my bed and above the second wooden table are hanging the shelves with books and with my mess.

    The majority of Britain’s own its own house rather than renting it. They borrow a lot of money from the bank for buy the house (this is called mortgage), because to pay the rate is too expensive. They pay the mortgage for several years.
    There was another way. Exactly after the WWII. Council houses have been built for people who couldn’t afford to pay mortgage or rate, so there is cheaper accommodation. But many blocks of these houses have been ugly and later they were pulled down. Instead of this council have built a mixture of different shapes and sizes of houses surrounded by grass and play areas.
About 80% of people rather live in the house than in the flat. The detached houses and bungalows are found near the countryside or in the expensive suburbs. Semidetached houses are found in the suburb too, but terraced houses are found mostly near the town centre. 
In the modern house there are thinner walls than in our houses. Every room is carpeted and most of houses have central heating. It’s quite normal to have a fireplace situated in the living room. The most of the houses have a garden where they grow flowers, vegetable and herbs for use in the kitchen. In the garden they have a small patio where they sit on sunny days with their friends.
In the United States two-third of population have single family house. Americas’ housing industry is a largely unorganized group of entrepreneurs who construct houses in their own geographical area. Every man could get house as it wants. The Americans use to live at the suburbs. They have bigger houses than the British, but they are same comfortable. In America is absolutely necessary to have the air condition control in the house, because of the tropical temperatures which are there during the summer.

    Housework, I hate it. We don’t have garden so the housework narrows into clean the flat, that’s enough. In fact I don’t do anything except of I sometimes clean up my bedroom. My brother does everything. When it’s crisis I have to work too. But it’s not regularly. In spite that what I wrote there’s one I do regularly. I go shopping with my mother if she goes to hypermarket, because she needs a car to take her home. If I’m in terrible mood I hoover. I don’t know why, but it is fact.

    Home, what is home? It should be a place where we live. We spend there our free time. It is a place where we have a room that’s ours on 100% and we feel secure there. It is a place of understanding. 

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