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1) Introduction
2) Typical breakfast, lunch and dinner in The Czech Republic
3) Eating habits in United Kingdom, typical meals and history of food
4) Eating habits in USA, typical meals
5) Comparison of Czech, British and American Xmas dinner
6) Healthy food

1)    In different parts of the world, there are different kinds of meals or eating habits.
Czech eating habits are neglected part of the world culture.

2)    The Czech breakfast is very fast as it is written in the word breakfast. Czechs have their morning cup of tea or coffee, roll or slice of bread with some cheese or ham. Sometimes we serve cakes. But the Czech breakfast is in the sign of haste.
    The lunch is in the Czech Republic main meal of the day. We can have it at home, at work, at school or in a restaurant. It is usually consist of three courses, soup main dish and desert. The starter is a soup, which can be from bouillon (beef, chicken, and vegetable) to cream soup with mushrooms.
The Czech menu often offers favourite roast pork with dumplings or potato dumplings and cabbage or sauerkraut. Other typical main dishes are a fried pork chop with boiled potatoes, chips or vegetable salad, Vienna steak with potato salad or goulash with dumplings.
As desert we serve fruit, plain or with cream or sundae. The drink is very variable. The most common is Czech beer.
Our evening meal is not so nutritious. It can be cold meat, salami, ham, cheese, eggs, rolls, bread, some vegetable, everything we want to.

3)    If we talk about the British meals we must say that it’s absolutely different. They have five or six meals a day: breakfast, elevens, brunch or lunch, tea, dinner and perhaps supper.
British breakfast is not so hasted as our. They allow the time for the breakfast. Their breakfast begins with cup of tea or coffee. The renowned breakfast begins with a glass of juice. This is followed by cornflakes with milk, fried bacon and eggs or spicy beans in tomato sauce. At the weekend when they have a lot of time they have brunch. It is a combination of breakfast and lunch. In the middle of the morning they have elevens, which is usually a cup of tea or coffee and biscuits.
Lunch consists of hot dish, salads, ham and cheese sandwiches, hamburger, pizza and a dessert.
The hot dinner is served about at 7 o’clock. It has three or four courses. It consists of soup, which is a starter, then the main course, which is followed by dessert. Beef, mouton or lamb are more favorite than the pork. As desert they have fruit, fruit salad, fruit pie, pudding or ice cream.
The English cuisine didn’t enjoy good reputation. The World War II. influenced the British cooking very much. Before the war they absorbed the ingredients of the highest quality from the entire world. But during the war they didn’t import anything. They had rich soil and they could produce their own ingredients, but they published only poor boring recipes and they also lost their confidence in the cooking. After the war they couldn’t recover their cooking skills and their food became tasteless and disgusting. But in the present there are some places, where you can get a tasty British food.

4)    In USA there is all fast. So the eating is also fast. They love fast-food like hotdogs, chips and other. Mc Donald’s set in there, but it’s not very favourite there. They have three meals a day, fast breakfast, lunch in the restaurants or schools. They don’t cook at home. They rather go to restaurant. If they cook at home, it’s the meal to microwave.
5)    The British and the Czech Xmas dinner are the same. We serve 3 courses. The starter is the fish soup, which is followed by fried carp with potato salad and the desert is apple strudel. But this traditional meal is often replaced by roast goose with dumplings and cabbage, Wiener schnitzel with potato salad or roast turkey with potatoes. In America is served the roast turkey with potatoes. The drink that is server with the food is usually champagne.

6)    Unfortunately the food is the cause of many diseases. The most frequented are disorders of the digestive track, stomach and large intestine. These are caused mainly by the fast food. He should listen to our stomach and eat when we are hungry. For lost some extra kilos we can go on the slimming diet. But it is not the best solution. Better than this is to eat more vegetable, fruits, cereal and low caloric food. At the end we should practise come sport for keep us in the condition.

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