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Food and meals - Right nutrition is important for the healthy and beautiful body.

    Right nutrition is important for the healthy and beautiful body. We should eat food where are lots of vitamins and mineral elements, but we should avoid too much sugar and fat. Healthy food includes for example brown sugar, wholemeal bread, fruit or vegetable. Today there are many shops with healthy food and ingredients and in the supermarkets we can find fresh fruit and vegetable all over the year.
    People usually eat three times a day . When we eat something between the meals it's called a snack.
   The day normally starts with breakfast. We usually have a quick breakfast - a slice of bread or a breadroll with butter, margarine or some spread, sometimes also cheese or ham, and a cup of tea, coffee, milk or cocoa, or just a glass of juice. The British people like ham and eggs for breakfast or some slices of buttered toast with some jam or honey. Porridge, musli or cornflakes with milk are also popular. They like to drink strong tea with milk not only for breakfast, but also during the day.
    In the Czech Republic, people prefer having their main meal at noon, while the British eat just a light meal at midday and they call it lunch. It often consists of some sandwiches, filled with cheese, ham and vegetables. Our midday meal, however, is the main meal of the day and it is called dinner (the British usually have it in the evening). It usually starts with some soup, which is followed by the main dish. Our national Czech dish is dumplings with pork and cabbage. We also like Wiener schnitzel, which is pork coated with flour, egg and breadcrumbs and fried in oil, with potatoes or potato salad. Beef is usually served with some sauce - tomato sauce or cream vegetable sauce. Another popular dish is fried cheese with tartar sauce. To be more healthy, we should eat more chicken, fish and other seafood instead of pork, beef and mutton. Our most popular fish is carp at Christmas and trout. Meat should always be lean and eaten together with some vegetable - for example carrots, peas, beans, lettuce, cauliflower, beetroot and so on.
    After the main dish there can be a dessert - a cake or other sweets, stewed fruit, ice-cream or sundae - and a drink - lemonade, fruit juice, mineral water, beer or wine, if we celebrate something.
    In the evening we eat supper which is usually a light meal - some bread, sausages or vegetable salad.
    If people are in a hurry and they are hungry, they can buy some takeway food  at a fast food shop in the street - pizza, hamburger, hot-dog, grilled chicken. In Britain are popular fish and chips.
    When we celebrate something or we would like to taste some special meal, we can go to a restaurant. There are helpful waiters and waitresses who serve us at the table. We can choose from a variety of meals, but it can be quite expensive. Chinese, Indian and Greek restaurants are very popular and they offer delicious spicy dishes.
    Meals are generally prepared by women. Women like to cook, exchange recipes and buy cookery books. The majority of men don't like to cook but they like to eat good food. There is a proverb:” The way to a man's heart is through his stomach”. But some men can also cook very well and they are chefs in good restaurants. There are different ways how to prepare food - meat can be roasted, fried, boiled, stewed, grilled or smoked, but pastry is baked. We need many things for preparing and eating the meal - they are cutlery (spoons, forks and knives), wooden spoons, glasses, cups, plates, pans, casseroles and many others.

What do you like to eat during the day? What are your favourite meals? Do you like fast food?
Can you cook?
Do you often go to a restaurant?

nutrition výživa lean libový
avoid vyhnout se peas hrášek
fat tuk beans fazole
wholemeal celozrnný lettuce hlávkový salát
fresh èerstvý cauliflower kvìták
snack svaèina beetroot èervená øepa
slice krajíc stewed fruit kompot
breadroll rohlík sundae zmrzlinový pohár
spread pomazánka; rozetøít sausages párky
ham šunka waiter èíšník
porridge ovesná kaše delicious chutný, lahodný
noon poledne spicy koøenìný
soup polévka recipe recept
dish chod (jídla) cookery book kuchaøská kniha
dumplings knedlíky proverb pøísloví
cabbage zelí stomach žaludek
schnitzel øízek chef šéfkuchaø
coated obalený roast péci (maso)
flour mouka fry smažit
breadcrumbs strouhanka boil vaøit
sauce omáèka stew dusit (maso)
cream smetana smoke udit
pork vepøové pastry peèivo
beef hovìzí bake péci (peèivo)
mutton skopové cutlery - spoon, fork, knife pøíbor - lžíce, vidlièka, nùž
carp kapr wooden spoon vaøeèka
trout pstruh plate talíø
pan; casserole pánev; hrnec

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