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In the Czech republic, people usually say that they live in a flat or a house, or own a cottage, irrespective of distinguishing features of their housing.
British and American people are more careful about the specification of their homes.
In the USA people may live in an apartment (= a flat in BrE), in a ranch house (a flat long house), a bungalow ( a small wooden house), two-storey house (a square house with two floors), a duplex house (= semi-detached in BrE), etc.
In Great Britain  the most typical and widely-spread houses are the so-called terraced houses, which were originally built for workers from the nearby factories. You can also find there high-rise buildings, bungalows (all the rooms are on one floor), detached houses (standing alone, surrounded by a big garden), semi-detached houses ( suburban houses joined together in twos), etc.
  Types of houses differ according to structures (the number of storeys), indoor and outdoor facilities, location (in a village or a town), functions.
Houses typically consist of the following rooms: a hall,  kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, children´s room, toilet, bathroom. As opposed to flats, they can also contain a pantry, laundry, cellar, workshop, utility room, garage  and the attic. As the life in the country is often connected with gardening activities, keeping domestic animals, growing and tending plants, there can be  other additional facilities, such as a shed, greenhouse, pig sty, rabbit hutch, goat shed, hen house, kennels, horse stables, etc.
Houses in villages and the country seem to require much greater attention and endeavour on the part of their owners, because they have to take care not only of the interiors, which are usually more spacious than those of flats, but also of paths, flowerbeds, lawns, gardens, yards and fields. The life in the country may be quite hard and demanding, however, lots of villagers who are deeply rooted in their homeplaces enjoy the peace, purity and beauty of the surrounding countryside. They cannot imagine leaving the country for the polluted, noisy and hectic city.
The life in cities and towns is more comfortable than in the country, the city lifestyle involves more cultural, educational, professional and shopping opportunities. Nevertheless, it tends to be more anonymous, deprived of community closeness, encouragement, compassion and help.
There are, of course, other types of residences, such as mansions, farm houses, manors, palaces, castles and chateuas. Some of them may be inhabited by rich people, some might have been abandoned and exposed to ageing and decay, the others might have been changed into museums, or simply made accessible to visitors and tourists.

Housing in the USA, Britain, the Czech Republic.
Living in the country and the city – differences, advantages, disadvantages.
Describe your home and room, outdoor, indoor facilities and furnishing.
Describe things that you do at home, household tasks that you perform.
What is your idea of pleasant, comfortable living?
How can people become homeless?
What are housing opportunities for university students?

irrespective of
distinguishing features nehledě na
charakteristické znaky require vyžadovat
terraced house řadový dům endeavour snaha
high-rise building výšková budova path pěšinka
detached house samostatný domek flowerbed záhon
semi-detached house dvojdomek lawn trávník
pantry spižírna yard dvůr
laundry prádelna demanding náročný
utility room kumbál purity čistota, neposkvrněnost
tend plants obdělávat,  pěstovat
plodiny involve zahrnovat, obnášet
shed kůlna deprived of připravený, ochuzený o
pig sty prasečí chlívek encouragement podpora
rabbit hutch králíkárna compassion soucit
goat shed kozí chlívek mansion, manor panské sídlo, velkostatek
hen house kurník chateau zámek
kennels psí bouda abandon opustit
horse stable stáj ageing and decay stárnutí a rozpad

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