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Health and diseases

    Most people know that prevention is better than cure, so babies and little children in most countries are vaccinated against serious infectuous diseases, such as polio, whooping cough, tetanus or tuberculosis.  Children often suffer from common children's diseases for example mumps, measles, chicken-pox and some others, which are almost  harmless in childhood, but can be dangerous in adult age. Many children must stay away from school  with flu or just a common cold - that includes sore throat, runny nose, coughing and a slight fever. More and more children suffer from various allergies - some common allergens are dust and pollen (causing hay fever in summer).
    With some diseases, like accute appendicitis or hepatitis, people have to go to hospital for an operation or another special treatment , or just to be isolated from other healthy people. For example the affected appendix is removed by a surgeon  in the operating theatre and a small scar remains after this operation. It's not very pleasant to stay in hospital, but if our family or friends come to see us during the visiting hours, it's not so bad and we can recover more quickly.
    Injuries from accidents can be also reason for going to hospital. When there is some serious injury, an ambulance takes the patient to hospital (sometimes to the intensive care unit). There can be bleeding from open wounds, broken bones (which must be fixed and put in plaster), cuts and bruises or concussion. People sometimes remain disabled after spinal injuries and they spend the rest of their lives in the wheel-chair. But many such people learnt to live with their handicaps and even became very good at sports.
    If you don't feel well, it's good to see a doctor (a general practicioner = GP, who can send you to a specialist). The doctor usually writes a prescription for some medicine (antibiotics, other pills, drops or ointments- you can get them in a pharmacy) or he can recommend a special diet. When the person has a toothache, the affected tooth must be filled or pulled out by a dentist.
    Many diseases are caused by unhealthy living. There are many things we can do for our health - we should sleep enough, we should eat lot of fruit and vegetables, have a lot of exercise, stop smoking (it causes lung cancer), learn how to relax and avoid stress (which is the main cause of heart attack).
    One of the most dangerous diseases is AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) which is caused by a virus. At this time there is no cure for this disease. The only thing we can do is the prevention.
    All working people pay their health insurance, so that almost all medical care and the most common medicines are free of charge. But some extra treatment or vitamins can be quite expensive.

What diseases have you had? Have you ever stayed in a hospital? Are you afraid of a dentist?
Have you ever been injured? How did it happen?
What do you do when you have a cold or a flu?
What do you do to stay healthy? Have you got a healthy lifestyle? What do you think about vegetarians?
What do you think about smoking? Should be the advertising for smoking forbidden?
What do you think of natural remedies (such as herbs) as compared to conventional medicine (pills and operations)?
What do you think of organ donation as a way to save another person's life?

cure léèba, léèit, vyléèit accident nehoda
vaccinate oèkovat reason dùvod
serious vážný, závažný patient pacient
infectuous infekèní intensive care unit jednotka intenzivní péèe
disease nemoc bleeding krvácení
polio obrna wound rána
whooping cough èerný kašel bone kost
suffer from trpìt èím plaster sádra
common zde: bìžný cut øíznout; øíznutí
mumps pøíušnice bruise modøina
measles spalnièky concussion otøes mozku
chicken pox plané neštovice spine páteø
harmless neškodný, bez následkù wheel-chair koleèkové køeslo
adult dospìlý prescription recept
flu chøipka medicine lék
cold; have a cold nachlazení; být nachlazen pill; tablet pilulka; tableta
sore throat bolení v krku drops kapky
runny nose rýma ointment mast
coughing kašel pharmacy lékárna
slight lehký recommend doporuèit
fever horeèka toothache bolest zubù
dust prach fill vyplnit
pollen pyl pull out vytrhnout
hay fever senná rýma cause zpùsobit
accute appendicitis akutní zánìt slepého støeva health; healthy zdraví; zdravý
hepatitis žloutenka avoid vyhnout se
treatment léèba (proces) lung plíce
affect zasáhnout, ovlivnit heart attack srdeèní záchvat (infarkt)
remove odstranit health insurance zdravotní pojištìní
surgeon chirurg advertising reklama
operating theatre operaèní sál forbid, forbade, forbidden zakázat
scar jizva herbs byliny
remain zùstat compare srovnat
recover uzdravit se organ donation dárcovství orgánù
injury zranìní

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