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Seasons and weather

    The climate in our country is continental, which means that winters are cold and summers can be rather hot. There are four seasons in the year.
    The winter months with their short days and long nights can be quite unpleasant. The weather is usually freezing with temperatures below zero, there can be a lot of snow or mud. In the mountains there are sometimes avalanches. However, there can also be a lot of fun in winter. When the rivers and ponds freeze over, children like skating on the ice. Sledging, skiing or snowboarding is popular hobby on the snow-covered slopes in the country. Because there is not enough food for birds and animals, people help to feed them.
    In spring the ice and snow begin to melt, the temperatures are higher, sometimes there are spring showers and the days are more sunny and warm. The air is fresh and a rainbow can sometimes be seen on the horizon. By the end of March the day is as long as the night  and it is getting longer.
    In summer  the temperatures are high, the sun is shining, but sometimes there are storms. The weather can be quite dry and watering in the gardens is necessary. People swim in the lakes and swimming pools, they sunbathe and their bodies get tanned. But people should put on a suncream because UV rays can be dangerous. Human production of chemicals like freons has made a hole in the ozone layer and the penetrating UV rays can cause skin cancer.
    By the end of summer and the beginning of autumn  (which is called “fall” in the USA) the weather becomes less pleasant, it's often rainy, windy and foggy. But the changing colours of falling leaves can be very beautiful.
    There is a difference between the climate in central Europe and that in Great Britain. The climate in England is milder than in the Czech Republic due to the Gulf Stream - it means that the summers aren't so hot and the winters aren't so cold. But the weather is more changeable and unpredictable and it's often rainy and foggy. The English people often talk about the weather.
When people want to know what to wear the next day, they should listen to the weather forecast prepared by meteorologists. The temperature in our country is expressed in degrees Celsius (centigrade).
    A hole in the ozone layer isn't the only environmental problem. The other problem is for example the global warming. The scientists say that the global warming is caused by so called greenhouse effect, which is caused by air pollution (mainly carbon dioxide). It is simple: carbon dioxide rises up to the atmosphere and creates a thick layer around the Earth (greenhouse effect). The sun beams go through the layer but not all of them return back. So they make the Earth warm. The global warming consequently causes many climate changes - for example melting of the icebergs (and then rising of the sea level), less snow, more deserts, heavier rains and so on. There are also more and more natural disasters - devastating floods, hurricanes or tornadoes.

What type of weather do you like most? What season of the year do you prefer?
How does bad weather affect you? Are you sad or depressed when the weather is cloudy and cold?
Do you listen to weather forecast?

freeze mrznout shine svítit, záøit
temperatures below zero teploty pod nulou storm bouøe
mud bláto dry (opposite: wet) suchý
avalanche lavina necessary nezbytný
melt tát sunbathe opalovat se
shower zde: pøeháòka get tanned opálit se
rainbow duha hole in the ozone layer díra v ozonové vrstvì
penetrate proniknout carbon dioxide oxid uhlièitý (CO )
UV rays ultrafialové záøení rise up stoupat
cause zpùsobit create tvoøit
skin kùže thick (opposite: thin) silný; tlustý (vìc)
cancer rakovina layer vrstva
leaf (pl. leaves) list sun beams sluneèní paprsky
mild mírný consequently následnì
changeable promìnlivé iceberg ledovec
unpredictable nepøedvídatelné sea level moøská hladina
weather forecast pøedpovìï poèasí natural disaster pøírodní katastrofa
express vyjádøit flood povodeò
greenhouse effect skleníkový efekt affect ovlivnit
air pollution zneèištìní vzduchu sad smutný

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