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Hobbies and free time

There are many reasons for having a hobby. People who think that their schoolwork or jobs are tiring, monotonous or uninteresting want some relaxation. Other people enjoy their work, but they also need a change, they want some activity that give them pleasure. When we have a hobby, we can learn new things, we can train our body if we do some sport and we can meet new friends who have the same hobby. And we can be proud of our abilities and feel self-confident.
We can collect and exchange many things - for example coins, postcards, stamps or butterflies. Collectors usually spend a lot of money to buy things for their collections. They show them to their friends or they can exhibit them on an exhibition (f.ex. paintings).
People who are animal lovers keep different pets - dogs, cats, parrots, tropical fish or even snakes. If you have a dog, you must walk him, give him good food, train him. It can be very devoted friend.
If you are a talented artist, you can try many activities. You can play some musical instrument - guitar, piano, violin, flute or drums or you can be good at singing. People can prove their creativity on drawing, painting, sculpture or writing poems. Some people have expensive cameras and their own darkrooms, because they like to develop their films and print the photos by themselves. Embroidery, knitting and sewing are popular hobbies for women - they like to make their own clothes for them and their families. Men, on the other hand, are good at different do-it-yourself activities - they make furniture, they repair their cars or  things at home that are broken. Some people don't have talent for art, but they like to visit various cultural events. If they live in a city, they can choose - there are cinemas, theatres, museums, art galleries ... .They can also go to a concert or disco.
               Travelling is also a popular hobby. If you have enough time and money, you can visit foreign country with some travel agency. There you can do the sightseeing, enjoy national food, practice your language or make trips in the countryside. If you don't have enough money, you can hitchhike and instead of staying in a hotel you can sleep in a tent or in the open air.
Other outdoor activities include of course sports - for example football, tennis, swimming, skiing, riding a bike and so on. We can try many dangerous sports and activities - such as bungee-jumping, rock climbing, parachuting, water skiing. But there are also more peaceful ones - for example fishing or mushroom picking. People who have their own garden like to grow vegetables, fruit trees or flowers.
Some people prefer indoor activities. It can be watching TV or video, playing computer games, playing card games,  reading books or magazines or learning foreign languages.

1 What are your favourite hobbies ? How much time and money do you spend on your hobbies?
2 When you were younger, did you have the same hobbies as now?
3 Do you like activities with a lot of people? Or do you prefer to be alone or with just a few friends?

reason dùvod drawing kreslení
pleasure potìšení painting malování
proud of pyšný na sculpture sochaøství
abilities schopnosti writing poems psaní básní
self-confident sebevìdomý camera fotoaparát
collect sbírat embroidery vyšívání
coin mince knitting pletení
postcard pohlednice sewing šití
stamp poštovní známka do-it-yourself kutilství
butterfly motýl furniture nábytek
exhibition výstava foreign country cizí zemì
devoted oddaný travel agency cestovní kanceláø
artist umìlec sightseeing prohlížení památek
violin housle make trips podnikat výlety
flute flétna countryside krajina
drum buben hitchhike jezdit stopem
prove dokázat, prokázat sleep in a tent spát pod stanem
creativity tvoøivost mushroom picking sbírání hub

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