Hledejte v chronologicky řazené databázi studijních materiálů (starší / novější příspěvky).


(formal, casual, materials, patterns, styles, the latest fashion, buying clothes)

1) Clothing
•    Czech proverb “Clothes make a man”
•    different attitudes (přístupy) to fashion, typically
o    men do not care what they wear
o    women like to spend a lot of money on clothes
•    ready-made clothes, clothes made to measure
•    style of clothes depend on factors like:
o    geography, climate, season
o    poverty, wealth
o    taste
o    occasion
•    clothes according to latest fashion described in fashion magazines, needn’t to suit every time
•    fashion concerns also hair style, make-up and accessories (handbags, jewellery, glasses)
•    trademarks on clothes (Nike, Adidas, Fishbone)
•    centres of fashion: London, Paris, Rome
•    changes in the length of clothes, very quick, because dressmaking become a big business
•    types of neckline: high or low, oval, V-neck, with collar or collarless
•    natural materials: cotton (bavlna), wool [vul], linen (plátno), silk (hedvábí), velvet (samet), leather (kůže); man-made fibres; best materials: non-iron, shrink-resistant fabric
•    design of materials: plain or patterned (flowered, geometric, spotted), colours from the brightest to the coolest
•    me and clothes

2) Clothing for various occasions
•    in summer: T-shirts with short sleeves, light summer trousers or shorts, sandals or trainers
•    in winter: jean, sweater, anorak, winter coat and jacket, sometimes fur coat, gloves, cap, scarf
•    swimming: women: swim suit; men: trunks
•    special occasions: men: dark suit, light shirt, tie, shoes; woman: evening dress, pumps
•    sport: sports wear (shorts, T-shirts, sport shoes: boots, ski shoes)
•    at home: leisure wear, e. g. tracksuit
•    at school: practical and plain, in Britain school uniforms
•    uniforms and costumes
o    police – black, blue
o    armed forces, soldiers – green, masked
o    health workers – white, nurses white and blue
o    schools in Britain
•    national costumes: Scotland (skirt for men), Moravia & Silesia (decorated dresses)
•    luggage (GB) / baggage (USA)
o    suitcase (kufr na oblečení), briefcase (diplomatka), trunk (lodní kufr)
o    bag, rucksack

3) Men clothing

•    small stock of vests, pants, slippers, pyjamas, socks, knee socks
•    several pairs of trousers, some suits and jackets
•    a pile of shirts, long sleeved and short sleeved, pullovers, sweaters, sweatshirts, T-shirts
•    an anorak, a winter coat, a mackintosh, gloves, scarfs (šály), shoes

4) Women clothing
•    underwear made of silk or artificial silk
•    a dress or a blouse and a skirt
•    a pair of stockings (punčochy) or panty hose (volné kalhoty), a pair of shoes
•    pant suit (kalhotový kostým) – pants and jacket
•    pants (kalhoty), a blouse or a jumper and a cardigan (svetr, vesta)
•    winter coat, an anorak or a fur coat, a hat or fur cap, gloves
•    winter shoes, e. g. high leg shoes (kozačky)

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