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My Home Town

(history of the town, interesting sights, industries, our region, countryside, nature, protected areas)

1) Trebic
•    situated on the both banks of the river Jihlava, in south-west part of Moravia
•    population about 40 thousand (increased about twice because of building Dukovany nuclear power plant and Dalesice power station)
•    foundation: 900 years ago, village around Benedictine Monastery (1101)
•    lots of offices, health centers, schools, shops, sport halls, indoor swimming-pools, cinemas, a number of restaurants, cafes, pubs, historical places of interest
•    about 10 elementary schools (specializations: sports, mathematic, languages)
•    secondary schools: the Grammar School, the Business Academy, the Secondary Industrial School, the Secondary School of Health, few apprentice centers
•    the West-Moravian University
•    divided into several sections: down-town (Inner City), Borovina, Horka-Domky, Jejkov, Nové Dvory, Nové Město, Podklášteří, Stařečka, Týn, Zámostí, several villages near to the town (Pocoucov, Ptáčov, Řípov, Slavice etc.)
•    industries: Bopo Borovina (socks), Uniplet works (knitting machines), Tusculum (furniture), Prvni Brnenska (gas burners), ZON (lemonades), Tipa (Tipa-Frost ice creams); high unemployment (14%)
•    bus and railway stations, town’s mass transit buses
•    hospital, many smaller health facilities

2) Sights
•    the Basilika of St. Prokop, built in Roman-Gothic style in 13th century, the West-Moravian Museum (Bethlehems, Moldawites, pipes)
•    Jewish Town, two Synagogues, large Jewish cemetery, a monument of UNESCO
•    St. Martin’s Church with clock, biggest clock’s dial in the whole country, 75m high, comparable with London Tower Clock
•    Charles Square, 3rd largest in Czech Republic, sculpture of St. Cyril and Methodius, Decorated House, Black House
•    important natives: artists: Miroslav Donutil, Oldrich Navratil; poets: Jakub Deml, Josef Zahradnicek, Vitezslav Nezval (most of them studied at the Trebic Grammar School); sports: Patrik Elias

3) Region
•    Namest upon Oslava, the Castle with collection of wall tapestries, historical furniture, small copies of sculptures on Charles Bridge, military airport
•    Jaromerice upon the Rokytna River, the Baroque Castle, church, gardens with Baroque sculptures, first Czech opera Foundation of Moravian Jaromerice by Fr. Vaclav Mica
•    Moravske Budejovice, second largest in the district, grammar school, museum of old crafts
•    Kralice upon Oslava, the Bible of the Unity of Czech Brothers was printed here
•    Pribyslavice, two factories – filters, packing for eggs
•    Dalesice, factory for beer production (brewery), known from the movie Postriziny

4) Nature
•    the cleanest air all over the Czech Republic
•    ponds, lakes, forests, woods
•    Svatoslav, mushrooming
•    Heraltice, water, minerals
•    Mohelno steppe, rare plants and animals

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