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Weather, Seasons

(weather forecast, comparing the seasons, typical weather conditions in our country, weather in Great Britain, problems caused by bad weather, global warming, greenhouse effect)

1) Seasons
•    spring: nature returns to life, vegetation grows (sunshine, rain, rainbow)
•    summer: hot weather, best season because of holidays, students can: go for walks or trips, bathe in river or swimming pool, get a suntan, go in for sports, take part in some paid work
•    autumn: leaves turn yellow and red and fall to the ground, birds migrate to south, windy and chilly days
•    winter: weather is cold, often freezes, snows, children throw snowballs, build snowmen, sledge, ski or skate

2) Weather in Great Britain
•    very changeable, rains a lot, sun often shines
•    average temperature of 5 degrees in winter, doesn’t go above 30 degrees in summer
•    days long in summer, short in winter
•    sometimes fog (not so often as foreigners think)
•    tomorrow’s weather unknown
•    English summer: three fine days and thunderstorm
•    climate influenced by the Gulf Stream
•    pastures and meadows green and fresh all over the year (cattle and sheep can be outside even in winter)
•    snow in southern parts very rare, causes calamity
•    annual rainfall over one meter
•    short sunlight (in north 5 hours daily in summer, half an hour daily in winter)

3) Weather in Czech Republic
•    continental type of climate
•    warm summer, temperatures from 25 to 30 degrees, up to 35 degrees
•    cold winter, temperatures from 5 to 10 below freezing point, sometimes is even –20 degrees
•    average temperature 10 degrees

4) Greenhouse effect and problems
•    the Earth is warmed up naturally by the atmosphere which traps solar radiation
•    atmospheric emission, i. e. carbon dioxide (burning fossil fuels), nitrogen oxides (car exhaust), CFCs (freons)
•    rise in the Earth’s temperature, melting of arctic ice, flooding
•    ozone on the ground level (diseases, asthma, corrosion of certain materials)
•    ozone in the upper atmosphere (protection from ultraviolet rays, skin cancer, ozone hole over Antarctica)
•    problems caused by bad weather: hurricanes, floods, snow calamites, drought (sucho)

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