Hledejte v chronologicky řazené databázi studijních materiálů (starší / novější příspěvky).


(indoor and outdoor sports, skills and equipment needed, team and individual sports, professional sports, dangerous sports, benefits and drawbacks of playing sports)

1) Kinds of sports
•    winter sports: skiing (cross country, downhill), snowboarding, ice hockey (Canada, Czech Republic), figure skating (krasobruslení), speed skating, sledging (sáňkování)
•    water sports: swimming (free style, backstroke, crawl), windsurfing, surfing, deep sea diving, water skiing, rowing
•    martial arts (action films, Ch. Norris): boxing, fencing (šerm), judo, karate, wrestling (řeckořímský zápas), aikido; body building (fitness centres)
•    nature sports: fishing, rock climbing, hiking (GB), cycling, horse riding (GB), jogging (USA)
•    light athletics: sprinting events, long distance running (E. Zatopek), hurdle racing (běh přes překážky), relay racing (štafetový běh), speed walking, jumping (height, length), throwing discs and spears (hod oštěpem) (J. Zelezny)
•    team sports: football (GB), volleyball, basketball, tennis, rugby, baseball (USA), cricket

2) Sports
•    performed at specialized facilities: sports’ hall, tennis and golf courts, open air stadium, open air pool, swimming pool, gym, bowling alley, ski slopes, trails, playground
•    various equipment: tennis rocket, ball, net, goal, golf ball, baseball, hockey stick, skates, protective clothing, skies
•    sports in GB: archery (lukostřelba) (Robin Hood, practised at basic schools), horse racing, rowing, hiking (in GB typical to be a member of a club)
•    games in GB (rules, more than 3 players): bowling (kuželky), darts (both women and men), cricket, golf, tennis, football, netball
•    sports in USA: baseball (from Indians), soccer [sokr] (kopaná) (European rules), football (American rules – can touch the ball), rugby, basketball
•    sports in Canada: ice hockey, winter sports (skating, skiing, sledging)
•    description of volleyball: It consists of two teams each with six players. It is played on a field or a beach and you need a ball and a net. The object of the game is not to let the ball touch the ground on your side, but to attempt to make the ball hit the ground on your opponent’s side. The winner of the game is the team, which had the ball touch the ground the least amount of times on their side.
•    sports on TV: CT2, Nova, Prima (football, ice hockey; sport news after main news), on satellite: DSF, Eurosport
•    best known players: ice hockey (NHL: Elias, Jagr, Hasek, Dopita), tennis (Navratilova), skiing (Naumannova)

3) Physical education
•    at school two lessons of PE weekly
•    get in our sport suit (T-shirt, shorts and running shoes), line up for the start of the class, one of us reports to the teacher that we are ready, than stretching, warming up
•    athletics, ball games, table-tennis, fitness exercising
•    good weather: go out to the stadium (playing football, practicing athletics)
•    sporting days at stadium

4) Sports events
•    the Olympic Games
o    held every 4 years, summer and winter part
o    named after city in Greece, where it took place in 776 B.C.; peace kept during the competitions
o    restored in Athens, 1896
o    managed by the International Olympic Committee
o    symbol: five different coloured circles on a white background ( = 5 continents)
•    tennis tournaments: Davis Cup, Wimbledon (GB)
•    horse racing: Steeple-chase (Liverpool, GB), Great Pardubian Horse Racing
•    the World and European Championships and Cups, in various sports

5) Me and sports
•    summer sports
•    winter sports

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