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The Czech Republic

(history, geographical features, system of government, regions, industries, nature, protected areas, holiday destinations, landmarks)

1) The Czech Republic
•    situated in Central Europe, the heart of Europe, inland country
•    formed an 1st January 1993 after splitting of Czechoslovakia
•    borders on Poland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia
•    area over 78 thousand square kilometers
•    population over 10 million
•    currency is Czech crown
•    capital is Prague

2) History
•    inhabited by Slavonic tribes since the 5th century A. D.
•    first Slavonic state – Samo’s Empire, founded 623
•    Great Moravian Empire, than Premyslid family
•    during the reign of Charles IV. center of Holy Roman Empire
•    Hussite movement, John Huss
•    Hapsburg dynasty, liquidation of Czech literature, culture
•    after World War I. in 1918 the Czechoslovak Republic established
•    during World War II. German occupation
•    “Prague spring” in 1968 – invasion of the Soviet army and normalization
•    velvet revolution in 1989
•    splitting Czechoslovakia into the Czech and Slovak Republics in 1993

3) Political system
•    The President – representative person, chief of the Armed Forces
•    Parliament, the legislative branch, consists of the winning parts, down house – The Senate
•    Government, the executive power, consists of deputies, winners in election district
•    The Supreme Court, the judicial branch, seat in Brno

4) Nature
•    mountain ranges (the): Ore Mountains, Sumava range, Giant Mountains (highest peak – Snezka 1602m), Jizerske Mountains, Little Carpathian
•    rivers: Elbe, Morava, Oder; dams: Lipno, Orlik, Slapy

5) Industry
•    heavy – metallurgy (Ostrava, Kladno), engineering (Praha, Brno, Plzen), electrical engineering, precision engineering, car industry (Mlada Boleslav), chemical industry (Litvinov, Neratovice)
•    light – textile industry (Klatovy, Liberec, Pisek, Prostejov), clothing industry (Praha), shoe making industry (Zlin), food industry (Olomouc, Plzen)

6) Important places

•    spas: Karlovy Vary, Frantiskovy Lazne, Janske Lazne, Luhacovice
•    castles: Karlstejn, Bitov, Hluboka nad Vltavou, Lednice, Pernstejn
•    Brno – trade fairs (International Engineering trade Fair, Invex, Gaudeamus), engineering (locomotives, turbines), electronic industry (TV sets, washing machines, fridges)
•    Plzen – Skoda engineering works, beer production (Plsner Urquell, Gambrinus)
•    Kladno – metallurgical works (Poldi Kladno)
•    Zlin – footwear industry, rubber industry
•    Jablonec – fashion jewellery, Liaz automobile works
•    Usti nad Labem – chemical works
•    Olomouc – Moravska ironworks
•    Znojmo – food industry
•    Pardubice – food industry (gingerbread), electrical engineering

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