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Family and Family Life

(description of a family, differences between the live of the old and young, relationship with parents and grandparents, social changes)

1) Members of my nuclear family
•    (name, age, job, what is he/she like, what does he/she look like, favourite sports, clothes etc.)
•    me
•    father
•    mother

2) Relatives
•    brother, sister-in-law, niece
•    grandfather, grandmother
•    uncle, aunt [a:nt], cousins

3) My biography [bajougrafy]
•    age
•    basic school
•    accepted at grammar school
•    applied to which universities
•    interested in what
•    my dream family...

4) House and housework
•    family house / flat, with / without garden, with / without domestic animals
•    sometimes have to help – cutting grass, cleaning the house, vacuum my room
•    weekend house, for recreation
•    brother’s / sister’s family

5) Differences in living
•    CZ: generations live together, old help young (finance, children)
•    GB: members of old generation are moving to isolated farms, have small retired pays; independent children
•    USA: since university children get money, must economically work with them; social benefit rent from state
•    social changes: aging of population, too many pensioners, economical problems

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