Hledejte v chronologicky řazené databázi studijních materiálů (starší / novější příspěvky).


(blue-colar jobs, white-colar jobs, advantages and disadvantages, the choice of the right career, to get a good job, certain professions need certain qualities, future plans)
1) Manual jobs – blue-colar
•    basic education
o    driver, dustman, milkmaid, miner, sailor (fisherman), worker
•    Civil Training Centre (Training Centre of Building)
o    bricklayer, electrician, carpenter (tesař), joiner (truhlář), plumber (instalatér), gardener, painter, locksmith
•    Hotel school / more-purpose training centre (in Borovina & Sirotci)
o    shoemaker, dressmaker, needlewoman, tailor, cook, baker, waiter, waitress, shop assistant, butcher
•    Agricultural Training Centre (Horka-Domky)
o    car mechanic, repairer of agricultural machines, art-smith

2) Intellectual jobs – white-colar
•    Academy of Commerce
o    accountant, officers, clerk
•    Grammar School, Church Grammar School
o    preparing for tertiary education
•    West-Moravian University
o    computer programmers
•    Secondary School of Health
o    nurses, health workers
•    professions with university education
o    important for the state: president, prime minister, ministers and deputies, senators; in foreign countries –  ambassadors
o    scientist (trying to gain new knowledge – Czech Academy of Science), astronomer (exploring stars)
o    notary (verifying documents), lawyer, judge [džadž] (area of criminal activity and commercial disputes)
o    doctor (taking care of sick people)
o    architect (designing new houses)
o    teacher (teaching in schools)
•    other intellectual jobs
o    newspaper reporter, radio announcer (collecting news)
o    painter (painting pictures), writer (writing novels)
o    actor (playing in theatres and films)
o    director, deputy, secretary (in every company)
o    private businessman
o    policeman, armed forces

3) Jobs, future plans
•    choosing a career – important step (money, satisfaction from a well done job)
•    wage (mzda) depends on the kind of work, on its quality, on our education, on the prosperity of company
•    unemployment – big problem in our country, especially in Trebic (14%), employment service agency takes care of unemployed people, looking for vacancy in advertisements or in competitions
•    moving for work – typical in the USA, not in CR
•    professions
o    manual vs. intellectual
o    men vs. women
o    outdoor vs. indoor
•    my future plans: would like to study Technical university in Brno next year, interested in electronic and computers, want to work in this branches
•    choice of professions of my schoolmates (humanity, technical)

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