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Flat and its Furniture

(description of a flat and a house, other types of dwelling, living in the city, living in the country, ideal home)

1) My house
•    in which city
•    floors, cellar, attic, how many rooms in each floor, bathroom and toilet
•    living room: TV, satellite receiver, old computer, big seat with two armchairs
•    kitchen: cupboard, stove with oven, fridge, microwave oven, sink, table with chairs
•    bedroom: parent’s beds, wardrobes
•    garage, garden

2) My room
•    happy / unhappy with my room
•    bed
•    few wardrobes
•    bookcases (school books, literature)
•    writing desk (used for school and other hand-writing)
•    table with computer (case, ink printer, keyboard and mouse in a tray, monitor, sound system with subwoofer, external modem, phone)
•    small TV, MP3 discman
•    going to leave for some city to college or private flat

3) Differences between city and village

•    positives and negatives to both living in a village and in a city
•    disadvantages of village: lack of shopping options, facilities for sports, cultural activities (nothing of this too important for me), have to ride the bus to school and work every day (very big problem)
•    advantages of village: quiet healthy environment, possibility to grow your own vegetables and fruit, having pets, raising farm animals;  meeting places: church and pub; pig feast
•    disadvantages of city: hectic atmosphere created by stress, traffic, noise; polluted air
•    advantages of city: job opportunities, housing options, wide variety of cultural and sport activities, number of shops, high quality medical facilities

4) English housing
•    typically detached or terraced, owned
•    built of red bricks, English grass in the front of the house, plants
•    two-floored houses with two garages
•    pets; fireplace (krb)
•    costs about £100,000
•    USA: skyscrapers

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